Tom's Turnings in Wood 2021

Covid-19 brought stay at home and luckily my shop is in my home. Form, shape, embelishment dominate most of the turned pieces. Have been lucky to have been part of harvesting several large downed trees in 2019-2020 yielding Ambrosia Maple, Black Walnut, Hackberry, Cherry and Maple "turnings". Started to keep a diary but gave that up after a few months - it did show over 70 pieces of wood a month was going through the shop. Application of the various classes in embelishment. Texturing and micro carving classes brought out new platters with "bricks" , animals pyro'ed, photo transfers. Hollow Forms are now an everyday occurance and have proved to provide palattes for carving. My wife, Patti, has grown into a full time color consultant and  critique provider.  No shows in 2020. Once vaccinated we hope to do a few art shows - places unknown - may be 2022. The saga continues ... 

Retired 2018

9 months into retirement and we are surviving. I have taken over 2 dozen different turning / art classes in the last 2 years and have updated my tools to Thompson, Harris, Jamieson, and Hope. Patti and I have now directly participated in 6 art shows that have convinced us to only do 4 a year. I have entered Facebook and post a few times a week the turning journey I have continued. I have met some of the nicest people in this industry. Stay tuned as we explode into color ....

Tom's Turnings in Wood 2015

Bought a lathe and life changed to round things. This story is really cool but too large to upload here - I am working on it. Anyways look at the Round Things page and you will get a small taste of the new hobby soon to be a business in 2018 as Tom retires. Looking for a piece use the contact Tom page to send me what you would like.

Woodworker Tom Story 2015

Tom has been making furniture pieces for over 35 years with a big acceleration the last 15 years. His wife Patti has traveled to many far away and scary places to assist Tom in procuring wood. Her stories will be documented some day - she usually got lunch or dinner on the road for helping. Talking about procuring wood almost all the wood shown in the pieces on these pages came from band-sawed wood from all types of people - homeowners, lumberjacks, tree surgeons and some Amish folks. They were in barns, behind sheds, under pool covers, out in a field, under car ports and in one case a warehouse. The pieces on these pages are made entirely from scratch using either rough cut Cherry, Walnut, Ash and Oak. Primarily Tom has been working in Cherry and Walnut the last few years. Some designs came from purchased patterns (Dinning room chairs from Stickley, beds from WoodSmith Magazine, and a Ubuild pattern for the horse) but most of it came from people describing what they wanted or a picture of what they wanted and Tom drawing up designs. For all this time Tom has pretty much only made pieces for family or friends (wine chests if you get married and invite him). Current project is redoing our kitchen with Cherry cabinets then back to the kids "want list". Something also for a godson getting a wine chest.

Now Tom is thinking about making a few bucks for the retirement fund (beer, bait, and his wife's vacations) and he is looking at taking on a few custom orders. Tables, wine chests and simpler desks can be completed in the 3-4 week time-frame and larger pieces will need to be discussed. If interested send an email to with your idea and what you would pay for it and Tom will see what he can do.